Saturday, September 24, 2005

Either life imitated art, or someone in the movie business is a seer

Back in June, cable TV channel FX (owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.) televised a made for TV movie called "Oil Storm". The movie was hardly noticed. But strangely, in the movie a Category 6 hurricane named Julia slams New Orleans and surrounding areas on Labor Day weekend of 2005 -- just a few days later than Katrina's actual assault.

Talk about eeire parallels. The rest of the post shows that the movie tracks with reality in the immediate aftermath. One can only hope the long term effect in the movie doesn't come to pass ($150/barrel crude, $8/gallon gasoline, economic devastation in the US).

One does have to wonder, though...countries like Great Britian, Australia, and Canada have long paid higher prices (by leaps and bounds) than we do for gas, and they have higher taxes and more social programs (that Republicans loathe)...yet by all accounts they are as prosperous (or more so) than we are.


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